Semiotics by Holly and Ban, Team E.


Saussure believed there was no necessary inheritance within the relationship between the signifier being the word or symbol and the signified which is the perceived expression.  His ideologies conclusively stated that the meaning could be carried by any random grouping of words/letters (Chandler, 2005).

The signifier initiates the connection to the signified.

Signifier: The signifier determines the expression by constructing the term within the word whether it is verbal or written.                                                                               

Signified: The signified is the idea generated by the word or dialogue heard by the perceiver.


Pierce’s idea on semiotics was narrowed down to three different categories, Symbol, Icon, and Index. His idea expressed the idea of whether or not a certain word could be specified into a certain category which was dependent on its meaning (Atkin, 2010).


Symbol – Symbols do not narrow done a specific thought or reaction taken on by the human brain, what a symbol does is to create an idea specific to the person interpreting it. A symbol will create a mental image of its representation however, leaving it in a broader sense to allow a broader range of possibilities as to what the representation is.                                                                                    

Icons –An icon stands for an object by resembling it; metaphorically expressing it, this includes pictures, maps and diagrams.                                                           

Index – Suggests an explanation or representation for something else that is similar or in other words it refers to an object of similar aspects


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